Agitate was developed for industrial applications where hard fouling, scaling, or biofilm is present. Our anti-fouling and anti-scaling technology prevents organic and inorganic deposits as well as aggressive scaling.

Water Treatment Plants

Fouling is a common problem in water treatment plants.

Food Processing & Breweries

Fouling is a common concern in food processing and breweries.


Fouling can be a significant problem in the dairy industry.

Paper Mills

Fouling and scaling occurs in paper mills in at various areas.

Steel Works

In the steel industry, fouling and scaling can present challenges.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry currently spends millions of dollars.


Sonihull is where it all started! Whether you operate a tugboat or a tanker, our product range has everything you need to protect your commercial vessel from marine biofouling. Head over to our website for further details.

Let Agitate protect your assets from fouling and scaling today.

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