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In the steel industry, fouling and scaling can present challenges in various processes. There are a number of key issues that can affect efficiency, productivity, and equipment integrity, which is why it’s important to watch out for it.

Heat exchangers are extensively used in steel manufacturing for processes such as cooling, heating, and gas treatment. Fouling can occur due to the accumulation of particulate matter, scale, corrosion products, and deposits from process gases and liquids. Fouling reduces heat transfer efficiency, increases energy consumption, and requires more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

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How Agitate protects the Steel Industry

Agitate is employed in the steel industry, particular with heat exchangers to prevent scaling, which is the deposition of minerals or oxide scales on the heat transfer surfaces.

By disrupting the scale formation, Agitate’s technology improves heat transfer efficiency which in turn saves energy and extends the lifespan of equipment. All this is achieved while minimizing downtime and increasing production.

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