Restoring Heat Exchange Efficiency for a Leading Steel Mill in Victoria, Australia


Agitate Ultrasonics is an innovative, cost-effective solution to industrial fouling and scaling, utilising multiple bursts of ultrasonic energy in a range of targeted pulse frequencies. For instance, we delivered massive efficiency improvements for a leading steel mill in Australia, by installing an Agitate system. 

The Challenge: 

Based in Victoria, the steel mill had frequent breakdowns and unplanned maintenance, caused by scaling in the heat exchangers. This formed an insulating barrier that affected heat exchange efficiency, resulting in major disruptions and significant additional energy and cleaning costs to keep the plate coolers clean. 

The Agitate Solution: 

Our Agitate Ultrasonics systems offer non-stop ultrasonic cleaning with no reliance on cleaning chemicals or regular maintenance. We performed a specialist installation during a maintenance shutdown period in March 2022, cleaning and fitting a wide selection of heat exchangers at the steel mill. 

Outstanding Efficiency: 

Since the specialist installation was completed, our customer has reported that the number of days between cleaning and breakdowns has increased from 26 days to 120 days. The mill is now running 4 times as efficiently, thanks to Agitate Ultrasonics. 


Heat exchangers are especially susceptible to fouling and scaling and therefore must be kept clean for optimum performance. Protecting plates inside and out, the Agitate Ultrasonic System is an effective solution to the scaling issue, improving heat exchange efficiency and reducing energy and cleaning costs. 

About Agitate Ultrasonics: 

Agitate Ultrasonics is the latest development from Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling, renowned throughout the global maritime industry for developing innovative systems with multiple industrial applications. The Agitate solution is a much-needed green method of cleaning and maintaining surfaces. 

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