Whether it’s scaling on large evaporators, calcification inside heat exchangers, fat deposits in pneumatic transfer systems, sediment in pipework, or unwanted biological growth, Agitate Ultrasonics has it covered.

Food & Drink Processing Equipment

Fouling and scaling can affect bottle-washing machines in various industries.

Cooling Systems

Cooling towers are often susceptible to fouling, scaling and other contaminants.

Screens, Strainers & Filters

Fouling and scaling can prevent screens, strainers and filters from working effectively.

Evaporators, Dryers & Condensers

Scaling reduces heat transfer rates, decreases airflow in Evaporative condensers.

Heat Exchangers & Plate Coolers

Heat exchangers are essential components used in various industries.

Boilers & Steam Systems

Boilers and pipework are commonly affected by biofouling and scaling in industrial settings

Let Agitate protect your assets from fouling and scaling today.

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