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What we do

For years, industries have depended significantly on chemicals and excessive energy usage to keep their equipment clean and free from breakdowns.

With a wave of technological innovations from companies all over the world, the Agitate solution pioneers a green method of making energy transition within industrial settings.

This innovation has been adopted and adapted from already-proven Ultrasonic Antifouling Technology successfully used within the maritime sector.

Ultrasonic efficiency

Designed for maximum efficiency, our Agitate solution helps keep essential assets running for longer periods. Over time, this will increase productivity, and reduce operation costs and carbon emissions.

The skilled and experienced team at NRG Marine (Sonihull) has refined and improved this technology to make it as effective as possible in various industrial settings, such as water treatment facilities, oil and gas refineries, and food processing plants.

Maritime experts

Sonihull is where it all started for us! Whether you operate a tugboat or a tanker or something in between, the Sonihull product range has everything you need to protect your commercial vessels from marine bio-fouling.

Award-winning global success

In 2023, Sonihull won the first King’s Award for Enterprise in international trade, recognising our sustained achievements and consistent organic global growth. This honour belongs to our whole team, and we thank our employees and customers for supporting our mission.

Why choose Agitate?

Since 2008, Sonihull has gone from strength to strength, starting with an idea and turning it into reality. We truly care about sustainability, and we believe that with the right team and the right product at the right time, we can change the world.

Ultrasonic Specialists

Working from our own laboratory and research and development centre, we have more than 15 years of experience in the maritime sector and we know our field inside out.

Global Footprint

With 7 offices and more than 40 distributors worldwide, we have the capacity to support our customers on every continent.

Growth and Stability

Our company has a stable background and financial backing, and we’re growing year on year.

Energy Efficiency

Our transducers have a much lower power usage than other systems on the market, reducing energy consumption and costs.

Minimal Interference

Our low EMI noise outputs make us the preferred choice for minimal interference with instrumentation or electronics.

Quality Guaranteed

As we manufacture all our own products, we can guarantee the quality of our ultrasonic systems.

Certified Installations

Our trained and certified installers have extensive experience in installing and maintaining ultrasonic systems.

Let Agitate protect your assets from fouling and scaling today.

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