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Fouling can be a significant problem in the dairy industry. Dairy processing involves various operations such as milk pasteurization, separation, homogenization, heating, cooling, and packaging, where fouling can occur.

Heat exchangers play a crucial role in the dairy industry for processes such as pasteurization, sterilization, and heating/cooling of dairy products. Fouling can occur on the heat transfer surfaces of heat exchangers due to the deposition of proteins, minerals, fats, and other components present in the dairy products. This fouling reduces heat transfer efficiency, increases energy consumption, which requires regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain optimal performance.

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How Agitate protects the Dairy Industry

Agitate is used in the dairy industry to improve heat transfer in the tubular and plate heat exchangers, thus slowing down the fouling process. Fouling or scaling on heat exchangers, pasteurizers, or other heat transfer surfaces can significantly reduce heat transfer rates and increase energy consumption.

Agitate helps to maintain clear and unobstructed heat transfer surfaces which minimizes production downtime and increases output. Other benefits include enhanced energy savings and extended equipment lifespan.

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