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Fouling is a common concern in food processing and breweries, where it can impact product quality, process efficiency, and equipment performance. Food processing involves various stages, including preparation, cooking, cooling, packaging, cleaning, and storage, where fouling can occur.

Food processing and breweries often utilize heat exchangers for heating, cooling, and pasteurization processes. Fouling can occur due to the deposition of organic matter, proteins, fats, sugars, and other food components. This fouling reduces heat transfer efficiency, increases energy consumption, and requires regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent process inefficiencies.

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How Agitate protects the Food and Beverage industries

Agitate is used in food processing equipment and breweries to prevent fouling or scaling, which refers to the accumulation of mineral deposits on equipment surfaces, such as brewing tanks, heat exchangers, bottling machines and pipes. By keeping the equipment free from scale deposits, the brewing process can operate at optimal efficiency. Some key benefits from Agitate are energy savings, extended equipment lifespan, reduced downtime and increase in production output.

Applications used within this sector

Food & Drink Processing Equipment

Evaporators, Dryers & Condensers

Heat Exchangers & Plate Coolers

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