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Fouling and scaling occurs in paper mills at various stages and equipment throughout the production process. While fouling in paper mills may not involve the same scale-forming minerals or scaling mechanisms seen in other industries, the accumulation of fibers, fillers, coatings, and contaminants can still lead to fouling-related challenges. Regular cleaning, maintenance, and appropriate filtration systems are crucial for managing fouling in paper mills to maintain operational efficiency and ensure product quality.

Paper mills use heat exchangers for processes such as heating, drying, and cooling. Fouling can occur on the heat exchange surfaces due to the accumulation of fibers, fillers, coating additives, and other suspended solids present in the process water. Scaling can also occur when dissolved minerals, such as calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate, precipitate and deposit on the heat exchange surfaces. Fouling and scaling in heat exchangers reduce heat transfer efficiency, increase energy consumption, and require regular additional cleaning and maintenance.

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How Agitate protects the Paper Industry

Agitate is utilised in the paper industry to prevent fouling on various equipment involved in the papermaking process, such as pipes, screens, and rollers. Fouling problems in paper mill equipment can occur due to the accumulation of unwanted deposits, such as organic matter, biofilms, mineral scales, or pitch on the surfaces of the equipment. These deposits can affect the efficiency and performance of the equipment, leading to reduced productivity and increased maintenance requirements. Agitate improves the equipment performance and uptime, enhanced dispersion and mixing, is non-intrusive and helps with energy efficiency.

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